Scissor Lift Needed for Short Amount of Time

And on the subject of Facility Upgrades – When we say we are “Dark but Busy” we mean that we are doing a top to bottom deep clean and facility upgrade. These efforts include vacuuming the tops of our stage curtains that accumulate a LOT of dust; rehanging and securing our lighting instruments; painting the ceiling above the stage (long overdue) as well as priming and painting the whole backstage area (which has never been painted before!).  To do this, we need a 19’ scissor lift that we can borrow to use for a week, to a week and a half.  We have been scouting around and a rental for a lift like this costs about $500 a week.  We are putting out a call to our patrons, friends and supporters to see if someone has a lift that we can use to complete all these long-deferred maintenance projects. Since we are dark, we want to get them done and done right,  so we will have the Playhouse in tip-top shape when we can finally safely reopen.  If you have a lift we can borrow or know someone we should ask, please contact the Playhouse and let us know.  Or, if there are maintenance angels out there who would subsidize our scissor lift use, PLEASE let us know! And, Thank You!