Although the theater is dark, volunteers and Board members have been BUSY! Here’s what’s coming up!

Parking Lot Sale – Saturday, 10am t0 3pm, August 1st

With theaters still not able to open in Washington State, the Port Angeles Community Playhouse is holding a socially distanced fundraising event OUTSIDE.  Using our large side parking lot, we will have tables spread out with priced-to-move products for this summer event. This will be a major help for us during our normal “Dark Time” during the summer.

YOU CAN HELP!  We are still accepting good, quality donations for our sale.  If you have been doing a pandemic uncluttering project in your house and have sorted through your stack of objects which “no longer bring you joy”, please consider donating them to the Playhouse. This will help in a very tangible way.  You clean out your house, you get good karma for passing along and helping an arts organization. The Playhouse raises funds to keep on with their mission and someone finds exactly what they want in the donation you gave.

We are taking all kinds of things – kitchen ware, clothing, books, bric a brac, trinkets, chotkes, paintings, games, toys, home décor, small furniture, curtains, it is a big list.  We ARE NOT taking exercise equipment, appliances and electronic devices (tvs, computers, etc.)

If you have clothing items in good condition, no rips, tears, stains or smells, we will consider them donations to the Playhouse and may keep them in our costume closet or sell the at the Parking Lot Sale. Let us know if you’d like to help with the Parking Lot Sale by assisting with the pricing, setting up or helping to work part of the day on Saturday, August 1st. 

You can also help by sharing our FaceBook posts about the sale and encouraging friends to “Come Play With Us” at the sale.

Please contact the Playhouse by:

  • calling and leaving a message at 360-452-6651
  • message us on Facebook PA Community Players
  • email us at
  • Someone will call or write you back to arrange a time to drop off your donation.  Donations are being accepted through July 23rd.