PA Players: Not Singing in the Rain

It unfolded like the plot of a play at the Port Angeles Community Playhouse.

Just as the props, costumes, and set were being put away after the Port Angeles Community Players’ Second Stage production of The Laramie Project, the rains came.

It wasn’t the teeming rain outside that they noticed, but rather the telltale sound of constant drips coming through the ceiling that caught the attention of the volunteers.

“If it’s running off the light fixture, the chandelier must be full” said PACP Vice-President Brian Wendt as he grabbed a ladder to investigate. Four buckets later the water that collected inside the massive chandelier, on the ceiling above the audience seating, was emptied. At least for that day.

Seats were covered in tarps to protect them, fans were set out to dry out soaked carpet and a routine of vacuuming the water off the roof, daily, has been set in motion.

This isn’t their latest production, but rather playing out in real life inside the 47 year old PA Community Playhouse at 1235 E. Lauridsen Blvd.

“Until this year, we’ve always been able to depend on the revenue of our shows in their regular season to provide for paying our bills and building maintenance,” says PACP Board President Janet Lucas. “But earlier this year we also had a plumbing leak that necessitated re-plumbing the entire building. That was a huge hit to our treasury, and now we need a new roof.”

The regular troupe of hard-working volunteers who normally build sets now double as maintenance people. When it comes to re-plumbing and reroofing a commercial building, however, volunteers are not enough.

Port Angeles Community Players was started in 1952 by Betty Sleeper and Audrey Hartnagel. For nearly 20 years the troupe produced plays throughout the community, in the college Little Theater, Elk’s Ballroom, Harrington’s Sky Room, and Jefferson School gym. In 1971, with contributions from the community the Port Angeles Community Playhouse was built.

“This building really belongs to the community who helped build it and continue to come here for entertainment, and now we need their help again. We’re asking the people who have supported our shows for 65 years to donate to help us with the $21,000 roof the building desperately needs”, added Lucas. The Players can cover about half the cost, but “for an organization that has no debt, this is a tough one for us.”

The Players have contracted with a local roofer who should complete the job this summer.

“We don’t know the extent of the damage to the ceiling, so there may be more work needed than just the roof,” added Wendt.Anyone wanting to help the Community Players, a 501c3 organization can do so by mailing a check to PO Box 2807 Port Angeles WA 98362, or click on the “Donate” link on this page.

For more information, call Janet Lucas at 360-461-1989