Next Production! Barefoot in the Park, A Classic

Directed by Barbara Frederick

Paul and Corie are newlyweds in every sense of the word. After a six-day honeymoon, they get a surprise visit from Corie’s loopy mother and decide to play matchmaker during a dinner with their neighbor-in-the-attic, Velasco, where everything that can go wrong, does…

Based on Neil Simon’s 1963 play, stuff-shirt Paul and spontaneous Corie are determined to create a romantic environment in a one-room, no-heat, hole-in-the-skylight flat.

Based on Neil Simon’s 1963 play of the same name, it focuses on newlyweds stuffed-shirt Paul and his spontaneous bride Corie, determined to create a romantic environment in one room with no heat, a hole in the skylight, and oddball neighbors.

The title refers to Corie’s lamentation that Paul will not go running barefoot in the park with her because of his sober and cautious demeanor. The phrase becomes emblematic of the differences between the two of them, and is made manifest in the film’s climactic scene.

Don’t miss this production. Opening night is June 7, 2019. Get your tickets now!