We appreciate the generosity of the theater community,

our patrons and sponsors!

Monetary Giving

It’s a simple way to make a meaningful contribution. Just earmark a specific amount that you want to contribute monthly, set it up with your bank to automatically deposit to our account!  If you do not want to donate monthly, you can set up a donation click HERE.

Options are available for monthly, annual, or “one time” giving.










Without your generosity many of the things we do would not be possible.

We will gratefully accept any contribution you wish to make.

There are many ways to contribute to the Players. We accept donations of items you no longer want (they may add to our prop collection) or clothing you can no longer use (that’s how we got our vast wardrobe collection).


Legacy Giving

Leave a legacy of live theater by remembering us in your estate planning.









When we wanted to give you a more comfortable seat to sit in, you answered the call with your contributions. Thank you!

With your previous contributions we’ve paid off the new roof on our 45-year-old building. Hopefully, it’s good for another 45!

Now, we are in need of new curtains. This one is old and has been patched many times. It has seen many seasons of wonderful local entertainment. It needs to retired and let a sparkling new curtain hang in its place.