Making a Resolution to Make a Difference


At the PA Community Playhouse, we often say “Community is our middle name”.  This refers not only to our mission, to bring the magic of live theater to the community, but also the input and tangible support we get from the community – ticket purchases, show sponsorships, in-kind donations, people sending in raves to the newspaper or cheering about a show they just saw on social media.  But there is in fact another, even more important way that the people of the community make an impact at the Playhouse and that is through volunteering.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our theater.  We have no paid staff.  All the wonderful actors you see and enjoy on stage volunteer HUNDREDS of hours in rehearsal time to perfect their craft to give the best performances they can give.  Every part of running the theater, maintaining the theater facility, planning and producing shows, the physical work of putting up a show, box office and front of house operations, ticketing, marketing – even this very newsletter you are reading – it all happens because of the work of dedicated volunteers who believe in what we do and know that what we do has real value and impact in our community.

As we approach the coming of a new year our thoughts turn to how can we be better in the coming year, how can we do better, perhaps make a real positive impact in our community.  If you wish to improve your local community then there is no easier or better way to do so than volunteer with a community group that you believe in.  If you believe that the performing arts can be transformative, that shows of quality can provoke thoughtful discussion and even real soul searching, that there needs to be a safe space for artists to ply their craft and showcase it for locals to see and applaud, then I would invite you to become a volunteer at the Port Angeles Community Playhouse.

Being a volunteer though is not a one-way transaction that only benefits the Playhouse.  Volunteering at the theater helps you to grow a deeper understanding of how ALL of the moving parts of the theater come together to create the shows you enjoy watching on stage.  Becoming a volunteer can offer you the chance to learn new skills (we are happy to train), whether it is helping in wardrobe, painting sets, creating props, working in publicity or landscape work making the surrounding grounds attractive, to name just a few examples.

And perhaps most importantly, becoming a volunteer at the Playhouse is a great place to meet and make new friends for a lifetime.  There is nothing like the crucible of producing a play to forge life lasting friendships that will warm your heart whenever you are working with them. 

The current production of “The Wickhams – Christmas at Pemberley” is a wonderful showcase of volunteer talent.  Rebekah Clark, Sharon Reuter and Melody Todnem gave of their time and talent to create the elegant Regency gowns you see on stage.  Parents of our Children’s Theatre program have headed up concessions at intermission and Tim Thorn, our brilliant set designer, led a small army of dedicated volunteers and cast members in raising and painting flats, cutting molding and trim, detailing furniture and floors, creating stairways, pointing lights and so much more – all for the pleasure of people sitting in the house and watching the performance.

How about you?  Are you ready to stretch your wings and learn some new life skills?  Are you ready to meet and make some new great friends?  Do you want to make an impact on your community and support the Playhouse in a meaningful way?  Then by all means, volunteer – it is so easy to do so.

You can follow this link Volunteer with PACP! ( or go to our website and click on Volunteer! and fill out a simple online form that asks you in what areas you are willing and wanting to volunteer in.  It is very easy to complete and when we need to do a call out for say, ushers, we can send out a sign-up request form to all the people who said they would be willing to usher.  You can always ask about different volunteer opportunities, what is the time demand, how often is the help needed, what skills or experience is necessary.  Some jobs are specific to a single show, some tasks are ongoing throughout the year. We have volunteer opportunities to match everyone’s skill set, interest and time availability.


We hope you will resolve to become an even closer partner with the Playhouse in the coming year by joining the happy family of volunteers who help make the magic happen.  We are the Port Angeles Community Players – Come Play with Us!