Port Angeles Children’s Theatre



Theatre Workshops for Youth Ages 10-18

July 5 – 12

12:30 – 4:00 PM

sponsored by the Port Angeles Community Players


Come play with us!

In nine days, improve your onstage performance skills,
practice stage combat with swords, make and play with puppets, sing, learn
some things about archery, build a rock and paint a tree. Maybe make a new
friend. Sooooo much more fun that Tic-Tok-ing or Insta-blabbing.

All workshops are conducted by local professionals.
Workshops take place on stage and out of doors at the Port Angeles Community
Playhouse located 1235 East Lauridsen Boulevard, across from Peninsula College and
kitty corner to the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center.

Following Drama-RaMa, auditions will be held for Merry Men, a play to be staged in
August. The workshops are not required, but highly recommended for youth who wish to
be in the play. Rehearsals for Merry Men are scheduled on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and
Thursdays, 12:30-4:00 PM, July 19-August 14 with shows on August 12, 13 and 14.
There is no fee for the play. All who show up will be cast.

Drama-RaMa Tuition: $175.00; $125 per sibling
½ of Tuition due with sign up; remainder due in full by June 15

Participation is limited so sign up as soon as possible. Participants are expected to attend all sessions.
Scholarships are available.

Contact the Playhouse for information about registering for the Workshops:  360-452-6651   pacommunityplayers@hotmail.com

Synopsis of the Merry Men

Nine days of workshops lead into auditions and rehearsals for the show Merry Men, a play set in Sherwood Forest. Maid Marian has been told she must marry the Sheriff of
Nottingham. She and her ladies-in-waiting become the Merry Men to fool the sheriff into thinking the wedding should be called off. The play is full of swordfights and misfired
arrows, a river full of toe-biting fish, and crafty craziness.

Synopsis of the Workshops

Nine Days / Nine Workshop Descriptions

1. Music Workshop: Find Your Voice:
Practice singing with an energetic and fun music teacher who works with youth. Learn how to follow cues from a vocal director. Practice memorizing music and lyrics as part of a chorus. Play with musical instruments. Create sounds to accompany vocal selections. Songs from Merry Men will be learned.

2. Horsing Around: Hobby Horse Construction and Coconut Shell SFX Coordination:
Build a hobby horse* from a mop. All materials provided. Name your horse. Bond with your horse. Teach your horse how to trot, gallop and jump over water. Practice with a partner who makes appropriate trotting/galloping sounds with coconut shells. Participate in a dressage rodeo.*Hobby Horse: a stick horse made from a mop. These horses will be used in Merry Men.

3. Swordplay:
Learn fencing poses, attack and defense moves. Masking-taped rolled newspaper swords will be created. Then a show ready play sword will be created. Plan battles. Demo your super hero (or not) amazing moves, using more advanced swords such as sticks, if approved by the instructor. Swordfights are part of  Merry Men.

4. Bows and Arrows:
Learn archery basics, pantomiming the shooting of arrows with bows, and then advancing to bows made from tree branches and arrows made from….sticks? driftwood? Make your own bow and arrow. Practice play-shooting an arrow, with a partner who  carries your arrow to the bull’s eye absolutely every time! Plink…..SWOOSSSSH….smack dead on. So rewarding. Big moment with lots of arrows flying happens in the Merry Men.

5. Mime Intro:
Get tips on how to make people believe you are lifting an imaginary rock that weighs a TON, or crashing through a cobweb, or hiding a frog in your pocket. Pantomime is pretending and believing and a basic acting skill.

6. Fish Stick Puppet Play:
Decide on how big you want your fish to be. Then make it, attaching it to a dowel or two. What’s your fish’s name? How does your fish swim in calm water? In a raging river? How does your fish nibble on the swimmer? Practice using your imagination, simple sewing skills, and rod puppet play making. Fish puppets appear in Merry Men.

7. Merry Men Hat Making:
Robin Hood’s Merry Men had the coolest hats. Make your own! Learn how to make a pattern, cut cloth, sew and glue green materials to end up with your very own Merry Man hat. How’s that? All of Maid Marian’s women become Merry Men wearing these hats.

8. Tree Rock River and Castle Construction:
Make a chicken-wire foam-covered rock. Make it look real. Set piece done. Paint leaves on trees. Set piece done. Help make a river out of blue fabric. Paint the walls of a castle. See your work in the upcoming play Merry Men.

9. Opening and Closing sessions:
Learn drama warm-ups. Play theatre games. Make friends. Get to know how it feels to be onstage. Hang out backstage or in the Green Room. Our playhouse in your playhouse.