Dark, But Busy

With our usual season running from fall to late spring, Summer is usually what we refer to as our “dark” time, when “nothing” is happening on our stage.  But even though we were officially “dark” we were none the less VERY BUSY.  During this time of COVID the PACP Board of Directors has been working on a number of projects, including crafting a COVID Rehearsal Safety Protocols, and a whole series of facility upgrades including new light fixtures and fresh paint in our public bathrooms, dressing rooms and prop storage areas, as well as touchless fixtures throughout the playhouse.

The process of going through the prop room, sorting, figuring out what is important to keep, what is heavily duplicated and can be purged  – is fun and instructive and also therapeutic as we sort and repack props into new, sturdy boxes and affix new, clean labels.  The same process in wardrobe upstairs is a huge job.  The P.A. Community Playhouse has an historic archive of clothes that any theater would be envious to own.  It needs regular editing to allow room on the garment racks so that costumes can be taken off easily.  Would you like to go through all the evening gowns, the fur coats, the period clothing, uniforms, suits and strange outfits in our collection?  Why not volunteer to help!

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Playhouse Building.  We’ve been hard at work on many projects to give the whole facility a professional look that our whole community can be proud of.  We always need lots of help with our grounds and landscape upkeep. Interested in signing up to help?

We regularly schedule work parties and put out notices on Facebook and email.  If you can help with a project for a half hour or two hours – every little bit adds up and makes a difference.  You too can be a star at the Playhouse – not all of our stars appear on stage.  If there is some way you would be willing to volunteer some of your valuable time, please contact us and let us know. We can then contact you the next time we are having a work party in the area you are interested in helping– or just show up the next time you see a work party is being held.