How We Spent Our Summer Vacation

“How We Spent Our Summer Vacation”
This summer, shortly after wrapping up our hugely successful Children’s Theatre sci-fi comedy epic, “Catch the Waves”, a busy crew of volunteers met together to empty out the ENTIRE Set Shop. Through a very generous donation of a large U Haul truck from Affordable Storage, scenery pieces, wood, windows, molding and more were hauled onto a truck or into the side parking lot and covered with tarps.
In the evenings, crews worked to clean the floor, paint the walls and reset the whole lay out of the room. Master Set Designer Tim Thorn created new bays for wood, allowing us to sort and store cut wood by the size of the piece of wood as well as new bays for large wood pieces. New shelves and new storage units were installed, a lot of old stuff got tossed or recycled and the upper loft is being extended with REAL stairs installed to replace the skinny ladder we had before, adding a lot more needed storage.
Then the work crews came back the next week and brought back all the shop materials in. Now tools are being organized above worktables, the Chop saw is on a moving table unit that can be rolled out on to the stage for set builds and building materials are going in organized spaces with large easy to read printed labels that will make finding needed resources much easier.
A big thanks to the many volunteers who helped with this effort and the support crew who provided delicious lunches and snacks (mmm, baked cookies and brownies!) – “Play” is half of our name and we do have fun work parties!
The Playhouse is looking for some Set Shop Stewards, folks who will help with the weekly upkeep of the shop (making sure tools are filed away, wood is properly stored, sawdust emptied, etc.) If the new shop looks like a place YOU WOULD like to help out in, please contact PACP Board Vice President at 360-670-6956 or write her at